ACTS Convention Forms



Cake Decorating-Judges Form
Graphic Design-Judges Form
Group Vocal Music-Judges Form
Music Guidelines
Persuasive Video-Judges Form
Play Skit Writing-Judges Form
Vocal Freestyle-Judges Form
Vocal Solo-Judges Form

CF2: Student Registration Form
CF5: Sponsor & Guest Registration
CF6-7: Medical & Permission Form
CF8: Special Medical Treatment
CF9: Progress Control Form
CF13: Events List
CF20: Social Studies
CF24: Science
CF25: Essay Writing
CF26: Poetry Writing
CF27: Short Story Writing
CF28: Creative Composition Affidavit
CF29: A&B Soulwinning Affidavit
CF30: Memorization Affidavit
CF32: Website Design
CF33: Powerpoint
CF34: Scrapbooking
CF35: Bush-Pen
CF36: Clay Sculpture - Metal Working
CF37: Photography Report
CF38: Photography
CF40: Coordinates - Dresses - Formals
CF43: Coats - Suits
CF46: Counted - Cross - Stitch - Embroidery
CF47: Crochet - Knitting - Afghans
CF48: Quilts
CF49: Needle - Thread Report
CF66: Drill Team
CF67: Color Guard
CF68: Flag Corps

CF70: Vocal Music
CF71: Instrumental Music
CF72: Keyboard
CF73: Handbell - Hand Chime Choir
CF74: Small - Large Instrumental Ensemble
CF75: Music Composition
CF76: Music Arranging
CF79: Expressive Reading
CF81: Oratory
CF82: Dramatic Monologue
CF83: Famous Speech
CF84: Poetry Recitation
CF85: Preaching
CF86: One - Act - Play
CF86A: Skit Judge's Form
CF87: Illustrated Storytelling
CF88: Puppets
CF89: Ventriloquism
CF90: Interpretation for the Deaf
CF91: Radio Program
CF92: Clown Act
CF93: Dramatic Dialogue
CF94: Scripture Video
CF95: Wood Construction
CF96: Wood Turning
CF97: Woodcarving
CF98: Marquetry
CF100: Effects of the Heart Affidavit
CF613: Sign Language
CF614: Dowel Rod