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Military Chaplaincy Policies

The OEE Relationship with Endorsed Military Chaplains:

  1. The OEE will have the jurisdiction of all endorsed chaplains according to the Manual of the United Pentecostal Church International.

  2. The OEE will bring a written report to the General Board concerning the status of the endorsed chaplains program of the UPCI.

  3. All chaplains are to be endorsed by the OEE, through the Endorsing Agent for Military Chaplaincy who is recognized by the United States government as the official endorsing agent of the United Pentecostal Church International. To receive endorsement, a letter of approval is required from the District Superintendent and the pastor of the applicant.


Privileges and Obligations of Endorsed Chaplains:

  1. All military chaplains shall meet the professional qualification requirements for appointment as military chaplains as outlined in Department of Defense Instruction, and in the regulations of the respective service to which the chaplain is seeking appointment.  All chaplain candidates shall also obtain a Certificate in Apostolic Studies.

  2. Chaplain Candidates should be integrated and paired with active duty (Or Reserves Component) Chaplain or retired Chaplain as a Sponsor (Mentor) as soon as they are in the program.  Sponsor Chaplains should communicate with Candidate periodically (at least quarterly) to encourage, provide guidance and offer support.  Chaplain Candidates will submit quarterly reports to the OEE on their education status and endorsing status/progress 

  3. The Active Duty Military Chaplain’s first responsibility is to the military. Chaplains are not to be responsible to any local church or district where they are stationed. They are, however, to attend a local church whenever possible. They are to work in harmony with the District Superintendent. They are to attend district functions only as these do not interfere with their military duty.

  4. Significant career events (i.e. Promotions/School Selections/Awards) should be acknowledged with a letter from the Endorser.  It is required that all Chaplains notify OEE Department of Chaplaincy of such career events ASAP.

    • Chaplains and their Spouse (where applicable) should receive a letter from the UPCI General Superintendent upon retirement from military Service (and Major Awards and Sr. Level promotions).

    • Upon retirement from military service, each chaplain and their spouse (if applicable) should receive a symbolic gift recognizing the achievement and ministry of the Chaplain and family.  

    • Retirement and Major events (Promotions/Awards) should be recognized during the Chaplain Banquet at UPCI General Conference.  All Chaplains are required to notify OEE Department of Chaplaincy of such Retirement and Major events before the UPCI G.C.

  5. Chaplain (Active and Reserves) and Chaplain Candidates actively attending military drills/assembly, are required to pay tithes from their military income to the Office of Education and Endorsements (OEE).

  6. Chaplains will submit a report of activities and status updates (ministry, schools) to include location (PCS) and contact updates, family updates, military profile updates (pending promotions, awards, separation, and retirement), and civilian activities (ministry) update.  Chaplains (and Candidates assigned to Reserve Component Units) will also submit their Annual evaluations (i.e. OER, FITREP, OPR, DA1059, etc.) to the OEE.

  7. Chaplains will notify the OEE when a change in UPCI District affiliation has taken place.

  8. Chaplains are required to attend the General Conference of the United Pentecostal Church International.

    • The OEE will send out a formal letterhead Memorandum to all Chaplains notifying them of the scheduled Annual UPCI General Conference with language indicating attendance expectations as a basis for continued endorsement. Language should include General Conference’s “general religious holiday” recognition for Reserve Component and Chaplain Candidates to advise their Civilian employers.

    • During the Conference, there should be one formal Chaplain banquet with guests determined by the OEE and the Endorsing Agent.

    • During Conference, there will be a Chaplain meeting with the OEE Staff to provide, share, update and brief Chaplains on relevant and important (policy) information. Chaplain specific/relevant training will also be provided.

    • Fifty per cent (50%) of their individual tithes will be available to the Chaplain and/or family if they are able to attend UPCI general conference.

  9. As funds allow, the Endorsing Agent will make every effort to attend graduations of Chaplains (and Candidates) attending Chaplain related Schools.  The Endorsing Agent should attempt to visit (where operation security allows) endorsed military Chaplains periodically (NCMAF recommends every three years) to maintain endorser/endorsee integrity and accountability.  

  10. When assignments or deployment result in family separations, the affected chaplain or family will contact the OEE.  The OEE will provide support for the family, which may consist of an email, telephone call, letter, and or fellowship visits if possible. The deployed Chaplain will provide monthly updates to the OEE. 

  11. The OEE will create and maintain a family care and critical incident plan to care for our Chaplain families going through death or serious injury.

  12. Chaplains and Candidates who fail to meet reporting, financial, and attendance requirements will be considered for removal of endorsement by the UPCI.

  13. United Pentecostal Church International services which are conducted on military installations are often required to have denominational endorsement. The requirement for endorsement is a letter of approval from the District Superintendent and the sponsoring church pastor. Civilian ministry conducting services on military installations are to recognize the chaplains on said installations that grants them the privilege to conduct services. The chaplains should be honored, and nothing negative should be said about the chaplains or other denominations during the service.

  14. The Military Chaplains as a group will receive free booth space at an Endorsed Project area at General Conference, deep discounts on the production and presentation of video advertisement at the conference, and free mailing lists available from the UPCI church administration.  These will be administered by the Endorsing Agent, who may call upon the chaplains and their families to help man the booth during the conference.

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