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Welcome to the Department of Ministry Training

Purpose Institute

Purpose Institute exists as a service to local churches and districts both in
North America and internationally. Its goal is to create better access to training
and a substantial tool for local pastors to offer a person the kind of training 
necessary to advance him or her as a local church minister, worker, or leader.
Many pastors can also receive the ministry education they missed at a younger
age. Most church workers do not have the privilege of leaving their local area
to attend a traditional Bible college. If they do leave, they usually remove
themselves from their fields of labor that may be producing substantial results. 
They also distance themselves from the day-to-day influence of natural mentors.
Purpose Institute wants to give people training who need to stay in their local 
churches and fields of labor. Purpose Institute is a way to sharpen the sickle 
without leaving the field.



Christian Service Training Institute

Statement of Purpose:

  1. To provide training in Christian service to members of the churches in Section 1 who are unable to attend a Bible College

  2. To assist Pastors of the section in the training and development of workers in their churches.

  3. To enable those working in local churches to be more effective in their service by training them while they continue to be active in the local church.

  4. To provide at affordable costs a comprehensive coverage of the Bible over a four-year period with a minimum of 324 hours of instruction.



Ministry Training Policies

The OEE Relationship with Endorsed Ministry Training Institutions:


  1. The OEE will have the jurisdiction of all endorsed institutions according to the Manual of the United Pentecostal Church International.

  2. The OEE will direct the policies of the overall endorsed projects program of the UPCI, and will accept suggestions from the endorsed projects and make recommendations to the General Board as they deem advisable.

  3. The OEE will bring a written report to the General Board concerning the status of the endorsed projects program of the UPCI.

  4. The OEE will have the authority to recommend to the Executive and General Boards the endorsement of a project, or to recommend that current endorsement be withdrawn from an endorsed project, after proper procedure. The project will be informed of the recommended action of the OEE and permitted to present its reasons for continued endorsement.

  5. The OEE may inspect the operations and premises of endorsed projects, or those seeking endorsement, with 30 days’ notice.

Privileges and Obligations of Endorsed Ministry Training Institutions


  1. All endorsed institutions must adhere to the Articles of Faith and Fundamental Doctrine of UPCI.

    • All members of the administration and staff must sign an affirmation statement every two years.

    • UPCI licensed ministers who sign the UPCI affirmation need not sign a separate statement.

  2. All endorsed institutions shall furnish the OEE with a copy of the current bylaws should any changes be made after endorsement is granted.

  3. No endorsed project shall be permitted to use ministers either to teach or preach who are under question by any District Board of the United Pentecostal Church International.

  4. Endorsed institutions will be permitted to solicit and receive funds and promote their ministries among the churches and districts of the United Pentecostal Church International.

  5. Each institution will receive free booth space at an Endorsed Project area at General Conference, deep discounts on the production and presentation of video advertisement at the conference, and free mailing lists available from the UPCI church administration.

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