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Military Chaplaincy Policies

Dept. Of Chaplaincy





UPCI U.S. Military Endorsing Agent
Raymond A. Robinson, Jr.

Our Purpose 
To provide religious and educational instruction, resources, literature and other communications media that will assist in the evangelizing the gospel of Jesus Christ as presented in the holy Scriptures. To identify, encourage and strengthen Christian education efforts and develop resources that minister to the spiritual and Christian education needs of individuals, families and organizations.
The Need 
With a harvest field of over 1.3 million enlisted men and women in the armed forces, the need is urgent for Holy Ghost filled men and women to reach out to our military personnel.
The Ministry 
A Chaplain attends to spiritual needs of people through conducting religious services, counseling, encouraging individuals in understanding themselves, interpreting theological/moral issues and ethical questions, supervising education and visiting the sick or troubled.
The Qualifications
Chaplains are fully licensed and cooperating UPCI ministers before they become chaplains.  Chaplain candidates do not need to be licensed.  The candidate is a person in Seminary that is already on track to become a chaplain after graduation, sometimes with government funds.

Military Chaplaincy Policies

Video: Introduction To Military Chaplaincy

Military Chaplaincy Documents



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